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The Security Tree is the defense research tree for the Advent.

Hangar Defense and Skilled Hangar Anima were originally from the Hostility Tree in the original Sins of a Solar Empire.


Provides the Advent with a means to fortify their territories. Specialization in Hangar Anima and Shields are improved through their tech. And even through the construction of a starbase.

Name Temples of Hostility Prerequisites Effect (Per level) Cost
Hangar Defense 1   Unlocks Hangar Defense 400/0/25 RTENOTITLE
Skilled Hangar Anima 2 Hangar Defense "HangarFightersPerSquadAdjustment" +100.0% 600/50/100
Homing Mines Design 2   Unlocks Homing Mine Squadron for Aeria Drone Host and Hangar Defense 600/50/100 RTENOTITLE
Shield Bestowal 3 Hangar Defense Unlocks Shield Bestowal for Hangar Defense 800/100/175 RTENOTITLE
Savior Design 3   Unlocks Talion Savior 800/100/175 RTENOTITLE
Enduring Devotion 3 Savior Design Unlocks Enduring Devotion 800/100/175 RTENOTITLE
Evangelization Node 3 Savior Design Unlocks Evangelization Nodes 400/50/85 RTENOTITLE
Synergy 4   Unlocks Synergy for Beam Defense Platform 1000/150/250 RTENOTITLE
Merchant Docks 4 Savior Design, Interplanetary Trade Unlocks Merchant Docks 500/75/125 RTENOTITLE
Mass Disorientation/td> 4 Savior Design Unlocks Mass Disorientation 1000/150/250 RTENOTITLE
Induced Reverence 4 Evangelization Nodes Unlocks Induced Reverence 1000/150/250 RTENOTITLE
Immaculate Defense 6   Starbase shield points +8.0%, shield regeneration +8.0% 1400/250/400
Meteoroid Control 6 Savior Design Unlocks Meteoroid Control 1400/250/400 RTENOTITLE
Amplified Punishment 7   Starbase +1 weapon bank, damage +10.0% 1600/300/475 RTENOTITLE