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Cost: {{{cost}}}

Hull: {{{hull}}}

Armor: {{{armor}}}
Armor type: {{{armor.type}}}

Experience: {{{experience}}}

Template usage

To show a ship panel on the right of page.

<!-- increment number for additional weapons up to five total -->

name The name of the ship. If specified over-rides the page name for the ship
race TEC, Advent or Vasari etc.
button (Disabled for now) The name of the image containing the button (Appears in top left of panel)
image (Disabled for now) The name of the image for this ship
cost Cost to build, For example: {{iconCredits}}300 {{iconMetal}}80 {{iconCrystal}}35
buildtime (OPTIONAL) Time to build in seconds on normal speed.
uses (OPTIONAL) The amount of supply used in building this ship.
hull The ship's hull value
repair (OPTIONAL) The ships hull repair value
armor The ships armor value
armor.type The ships armor type
shields (OPTIONAL) The shield value
regen (OPTIONAL) The shield regeneration value
mitigation (Disabled) The maximum shield mitigation value
antimatter (OPTIONAL) Amount of antimatter
recharge (OPTIONAL) Amount of antimatter recharge
experience Amount of experience
w1.type (OPTIONAL) Attack type of the 1st weapon
w1.name (OPTIONAL) Name of the 1st weapon
w1.front (OPTIONAL) Front damage of 1st weapon
w1.back (OPTIONAL) Back damage of 1st weapon
w1.left (OPTIONAL) Left damage of 1st weapon
w1.right (OPTIONAL) Right damage of 1st weapon
w1.range (OPTIONAL) Range of of 1st weapon
etc. for additional weapons up to five total
front.banks (OPTIONAL) Number of front weapon banks
back.banks (OPTIONAL) Number of back weapon banks
left.banks (OPTIONAL) Number of left weapon banks
right.banks (OPTIONAL) Number of right weapon banks
damage.bombing (OPTIONAL) Average amount of damage inflicted by Planetary Bombing.
note (OPTIONAL) Notes relating to the ship (These are the ones in green).
desc (OPTIONAL) A brief description of this ship
shortcut (OPTIONAL) The key that is used as the shortcut (Captial letter please)