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Strike Craft are small, very fast one-man vessels (in case of TEC or Vasari) or remotely-controlled drones (in case of Advent) that are carried into battle by larger ships or deployed from planetary defense hangars, in small groups called squadrons that act as single units. They are fielded by all Capital Ships, Squadron Support Cruisers, Titans and Starbases. They are free to build and difficult for other ships to destroy, as they cannot be targeted by most weapons and abilities, but are tied to the to the ship or structure that created them, and hence act as a proxy weapons system for their host with a range spanning the entire gravity well. There are two types of strikecraft: fighters, and bombers, each optimized against different kinds of targets.

In the Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment micro-expansion, the artistic designs for all factions' strikecraft were overhauled.



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