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Rebellion Syntax

Star Definition

coronaStartColor: Color
coronaEndColor: Color
coronaStartColorDistance: Decimal
coronaEndColorDistance: Decimal
farIcon: Brush
coloredSkyboxMeshInfoCount: Iteration
meshName: Mesh
shouldPrefer: Boolean
deepSpaceSkyboxMeshInfoCount: Iteration
meshName: Mesh
shouldPrefer: Boolean
iconTextureName: Texture
dlcID: Integer
ability:0: Entity
ability:1: Entity
ability:2: Entity
ability:3: Entity
ability:4: Entity
hudIcon: Brush
smallHudIcon: Brush
infoCardIcon: Brush
minZoomDistanceMult: Decimal
moveAreaRadius: Decimal
hyperspaceExitRadius: Decimal
isWormhole: Boolean
maxStarBaseCountPerPlayer: Integer
maxSpaceMineCountPerPlayer: Integer
mainViewIcon: Brush
picture: Brush
MeshName: Mesh
MaxMeshVisibilityDistanceToCamera: Decimal
minShadow: Decimal
maxShadow: Decimal