Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion V1.96

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  • Fixed exploit that would allow players to build extra free capital ships at game start.
  • Updated the damage Updater code to refresh more frequently. Damage now applies faster (closer to actual impact) and may resolve various issues besides being generally good.
  • Fixed Social Specialization and Industry Specialization planet upgrades from not applying their population growth modifiers.
  • Updated stat type counters: Colony capital ships are now counted under Utility2, siege units under Utility1 and actual utility ships under Utility0. Updated related strings to match.
  • 'Mad Dark Fleet Titan' event has been updated - will now only appear after at least 1 hour of gameplay and will send out scouts and warnings to herald its arrival.


  • Fixed Counter-Deployment (TEC Loyalist) technology not working.
  • Changed Hoshinko's Demolition Bots ability to affect corvettes.
  • Changed Marza's Radiation Bomb ability to affect corvettes.
  • TEC Rebel titan's Explosive Shot and Overcharged Explosive Shot abilities will now affect titans.


  • Changed strikecraft to no longer gain a buff from Assimilated Populace tech.
  • Fixed Acclimatization of Will tech to work as intended.
  • Titans are no longer affected by Iconus Guardians' Repulse ability.


  • Changed Vasari Loyalist titan's phase missiles to Physical damage type.
  • Changed Stilakus Subverter's Distortion Field ability to affect corvettes.
  • Fixed Vasari Loyalist Jump Stabilization tech to now properly affect friendly and enemy ships.


  • Borderless Window mode has been added and can be found under Video Options.

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