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  • NPC, Rampant Militia, and Minor Faction ships will now upgrade their abilities as they gain experience (if they have abilities to upgrade).
  • Pirates no longer stay in a fleet when they arrive at their target planet. This allows them to be more effective at raiding the enemy defenses.
  • Only Pirate Rogues now place tradeships at the top of their target priorities. If there are enemy dps units/structures in the gravity well, every other pirate ship will engage those first before raiding tradeships.
  • Changed Scrap For Parts ability to refund 60/75/90% of the targeted ships' build cost rather than give credits per fleet supply.
  • Minor Factions now have occupy all resource asteroids for the default planet definitions.
  • Fixed a bug in scuttling that caused the salvage percentage to be applied twice (e.g. normal salvaging now correctly refunds 30% instead of 9%).
  • Fixed incorrect player stats being tallied for Minor Faction and Rampant Militia units (e.g. when they kill units they don't contribute to the owner player stats).
  • Fixed incorrect player stats being tallied for structures (e.g. Minor Faction created structures shouldn't contribute to the owner player stats).
  • Fixed partially built Minor Faction structures not being scuttled when the planet became unowned. The Minor Faction's constructors likewise now properly self-destruct in that situation as well.
  • Fixed bug where structures created by a buff in the orbit of an Minor Faction planet would assume the Minor Faction's ownership index (e.g. ability created phase gates).
  • Fixed bug where a player could own Minor Faction construction ships.
  • Fixed bug where Minor Faction capital ships count towards your total labs as Vasari Loyalist.
  • Fixed bug where the first Minor Faction lab you capture doesn't count towards your total.
  • Fixed bug where the "Send Envoy" quest was being trivially completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong capitalship/frigate could be built by a Minor Faction if both the construction frigate and factory had previously been destroyed.
  • Fixed ships physics from being disabled when they died.
  • Fixed Occupation Victory win condition from potentially crashing and if not crashing, potentially not colonizing the planet.
  • Fixed bug where icons weren't showing up around a planet on some maps (e.g. DogFight).
  • Fixed bug where skybox and music transitions were incorrect.
  • Fixed rare 'zoom to infinity' bug.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of planet bombing damage that was causing it to be roughly twice as high as it should have been.
  • Fixed resource extractors from not transferring after acquiring a minor faction planet.
  • Fixed respawned minor faction ships from not assuming their minor faction status.


  • Added custom per-unit hyperspace effects. If a unit does not define them the player effects are used by default. Refer to Capital_PhaseBattleship.entity as an example of how to set custom effects up.
  • Added GalaxyScenarioItemSpawnConditionType::PlanetHasAnyOwner.
  • Fixed the bug where NoPlanetOwner conditions and its variations would fail due to template-based colonization and item creation being split into separate passes (since if the planet got colonized, it would now have an owner when the condition got re-evaluated in the item pass).
  • Increased max exhaust trails to 5. Added block and warning if anyone attempts to exceed the max to avoid stomping on valid memory.
  • Removed some asserts in buffs that aren't valid - depending on the buff chain and game state it is sometimes legitimate for first and last spawner to be null.
  • Fixed incorrect assert assertic(target == NULL


  • Fixed a variety of string issues.
  • Fixed LAA problems with shaders.
  • Removed some duplicate entities, brushes, sounds, and strings.
  • Removed some references to non-existent resources.
  • Fixed achievement issues created by Minor Faction and Rampant Militia units.
  • Fixed achievements not showing up in game at all under certain conditions.
  • Fixed crash bug that was caused by the ship cost querying not robustly handling a playerIndex of -1. This can occur if the player is interacting with the ship construction action grid as they lose ownership of the planet.
  • Fixed spawn all entities from crashing.
  • Item templates now properly use the playerIndex parameter when creating structures instead of assuming it will be the planetOwner.
  • Fixed building a structure not always using the correct player owner.
  • Fixed crash when querying tooltip for abilities that used new atomics.


  • Galaxy Forge:
    • Fixed bug where the wrong default player type was being saved.
    • Removed Galaxy Forge's copy of galaxyscenariodef which can go out of sync. Reads from the game's copy now.
    • Updated to .NET 4.0
    • Optimizations
    • GalaxyForge now searches the local directory for GSD before checking GameInfo.
  • Particle Forge:
    • Updated to read new data format.
    • Fixed missing icons.
    • Remove Particle Forge's copy of the pipelineeffects which can go out of sync. Reads from the game's copy now.
    • Updated to .NET 4.0
    • Optimizations.
  • Convert Data:
    • Optimizations.
    • ConvertData now maintains Simple brushes if possible.

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