Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion V1.87

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Change Log

  • Large Address Aware (LAA) is now enabled. Warning: if you are using a mod that requires you to apply LAA manually you should no longer need to do this. Doing so will cause multiplayer desyncs and crashes.
  • Fixed FPS stuttering in big battles with certain hardware combinations. Warning: if you previously tried to solve this by converting ogg files to waves you will need to revert back to ogg files.
  • Fixed bug where militia ships were showing up in the supply cost tool tip.
  • Fixed bug where you could utilize the starbase max count bonus of a planet you didn't own.
  • Starbases hyperspacing now correctly account for the max starbase count at the target planet.
  • Truce Amongst Rogues no longer has any research prerequisites.
  • Fixed crash when enabling/disabling mods in-game. You should no longer need to edit the mod text file to enable/disable mods.
  • Increased the max texture and particle simulation type counts for mods. This will improve performance and memory usage as mods that exceeded the limit were engaging dynamic memory allocation which is slow and fragments memory.
  • Fixed bug where starbase upgrades with values at level zero were not being applied properly (a common problem with mods that placed starbases during the galaxy creation process).
  • Fixed bug where exiting a mod that setup starbases as tradeports as part of the galaxy creation process would crash the game on exit.
  • Minor improvements to Ai selection of unit counters.
  • Fixed bug where Ai could stall on launching an attack.
  • Fixed bug where Ai could stall on colonizing a planet.
  • Fixed bug where Ai could build endless Scouts, Anti-Mine or Anti-Structure units.
  • Fixed modding crash that is caused by defining a roleType (e.g. StarbaseConstructor, Colonizer) but not providing the expected ability. While the crash is prevented the abilities should match the roleType or the Ai will not work correctly.

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