Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion V1.85

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Change Log

  • Added Outlaw Sectors DLC support
  • Added Smuggling Specialization planet development (Outlaw Sectors DLC Only):
    • Steal up to 4.5% (1.5% * 3 stages) of global trade income (all players trade income combined) per planet.
    • The maximum amount of global trade profit that can be stolen is 40% across all players.
    • Each stage of Smuggling adds a 25% tax penalty for that planet up to a max of 75%. -This is mutually exclusive with Social and Industry specialization.
  • Added Rampant Militias (Outlaw Sectors DLC Only):
    • Every potentially colonizable world except homeworlds and pirate worlds will periodically spawn a random fleet of militia units with a fleet supply value of 20.
    • A given planet will not exceed a militia max capacity for that planet.
    • The max militia capacity at a planet is: (20 fleet supply + .025 * population at that planet) * a scalar proportional to the maximum fleet capacity researched * a scalar based on the number of planets in the galaxy.
    • The frequency of spawning is proportional to the maximum fleet capacity researched in the current match ranging from 10 to 4 minutes with a 25% variance.
    • Capturing a valid militia world will cause future spawned militia at that world to join your side as uncontrollable units so long as you control that planet.
    • When the max militia at a planet is reached, the militia will seek an adjacent gravwell target to attack unless they are already engaged. Neutral militia will attack any non-pirate gravwell adjacent and player owned militia will attack any non-pirate gravwell adjacent with enemy units detected.
    • Militia at a target planet with no enemies to engage will return to their planet of origin.
    • Militia will attack any non-friendly units including raiding pirates, enemy neutral militia, enemy player militia, and enemy normal units.
  • Added Pirate Turf (Outlaw Sectors DLC Only):
    • Pirates will now simultaneously raid multiple players dependent on the number of players in the game.
    • 1,2,3 players = 1 raid.
    • 4,5,6,7,8 players = 2 raids.
    • 9,10 players = 3 raids.
    • The players selected will be the players with the most bounty.
    • All bounty applied against a player will receive a 25% bonus amount.
    • Pirates will spawn 15% faster.
  • Added 12 new maps (Outlaw Sectors DLC Only).
    • Maps that can only be played with a specific DLC now show up green if you own the DLC or red if not. A text description is shown when the map is selected indicating the reason for the state.
  • Added Enhanced Mod Memory Support:
    • Mods now use less memory.
    • Entering, exiting and re-entering a modded game no longer accumulates memory usage.
    • Changing mods no longer causes unnecessary memory consumption.
    • Overall memory usage is also reduced.
  • Players who don't own Outlaw Sectors can still play with a host who does own it.
  • Fixed two crashes present in version 1.84.

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