Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion V1.84

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Change Log

  • Modders can now design ships with the ability to destroy planets. Added a new buffInstantActionType "RuinPlanet" to accomplish this. An example ability called "AbilityRuinPlanet.entity" demonstrates its usage.
  • Fixed moveAreaRadius and hyperspaceExitRadius being defined in scenarios and the randomizer. e.g. Randomly generated planets will now take the appropriate values from their entity definition.
  • Added backwards compatibility for any user made maps that were created using version 4 (the latest prior to this update). All standard maps have been updated to version 5.
  • Fixed "Wail of the Sacrificed". "ApplyBuffToTargetsAtAdjacentOrbitBodies" now affects all adjacent bodies regardless of whether they have been explored or not.
  • Fixed "Planet for a Planet". Fixed Research modifier "ApplyBuffToAllOwnedShipsWhenOwnedPlanetFalls" from affecting all players. It now only affects the player who owned the planet.
  • UseCostType "ResourcesAndMustHaveCapitalCrew" now allows designer to specify the capitalShipSlots and regular shipSlots.
  • Fixed bug where there was no music to play in the interim between frontend and entering a new match.
  • Added a new BuffInstantActionType "GiveExperience"
  • Modders can now specify up to 9 titans to build in the menu.
  • PlanetBombingAbsorption now shows up in tooltips and displays in red if the values have a negative impact on the player.
  • Advent Illusion frigates now refund for the correct amount (zero).
  • Fixed ResearchCostAdjustment not always displaying the correct color in tooltips.
  • Fixed crash when a capital ships dies and the player is using Polish.
  • Optimization improvements for online play.
  • Stability improvements to ICO.
  • Removed Stardock Activation requirement.
  • Added cross-platform play between GOG and Steam users.
  • Added various GOG Galaxy integration features.
  • Added a new "Invite Friends" button.
  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions the Ai would not build new ships until a Titan has been built
  • Fixed bug where under certain conditions players couldn't join their friend's passworded game.

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