Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion V1.79

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  • Updated ship and structure rendering (specifically the shadowed and non-shadowed shaders).
  • Adjusted TEC and Vasari missile speeds/turn rate to be smoother (doesn't affect damage).


  • Adjusted Anarchic Society planet bonus to no longer require exploration (Forbidden Worlds DLC).
  • Pirate Cutthroat base damage decreased from 60 to 45; weapon cooldown increased from 5.0 to 5.5.
  • Pirate Rogue base damage decreased from 40 to 35.
  • AntiMedium to Medium damage increased from 1.33333 to 1.5.
  • TEC Loyalists
    • Increased damage on Disruption Matrix (Titan) from 40/50/60/70 to 70/70/70/70.
  • TEC Rebels
    • Increased Refined Emitters from 1 level of research to 2.
  • Advent
    • Corvettes should now be affected by Ruthlessness ability (Destra Crusader).
    • Psionic Scream (Discord Battleship) will now interrupt.
  • Advent Rebels
    • Adjusted Reanimation research subject slightly to give the intended bonus.
  • Vasari
    • Reworked Phasic Trap (Hangar Bays) in order to properly limit the number of affected strike craft.
    • Phasic Trap (Hangar Bays) will now affect 18/27 individual strike craft, increased from 10/20; duration updated from 45/60 to 45/45.
    • Disruptor Nanites (Phase Missile Turret) duration decreased from 600 to 60.
  • Vasari Loyalists
    • Reworked The Maw ultimate ability on the Loyalist titan to properly limit the number of destroyed enemy frigates as intended.


  • String improvements for Starbase Mobilization description.
  • Fix for the game thinking a user doesn't own the Forbidden Worlds DLC in multiplayer when they do.

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