Ravastra Skirmisher

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Ravastra Skirmisher
Cost: Template:IconCredits420 Template:IconMetal70
Build time: 34 seconds
Uses: 7 supply
Hull: 740
Uses: 1
Armor: 3
Armor type: Medium
Shield: 465
Regen: 1

Experience: 56
Pulse Gun:12/0/0/0
Anti Heavy:Range:3500

Banks: 1/0/0/0

Strong vs. antifighter frigates, siege frigates, carrier cruisers and utility cruisers.
A light attack frigate that can later be upgraded to disrupt the abilities of enemy support ships.

Ravastra Skirmishers combine speed with power to create a deadly close-range combat vessel. Heavily armored, the Ravastra can withstand a great deal of punishment for its size but is still nearly as nimble as the Jikara. Its ability to withstand punishment is further enhanced once it enters its Reintegration repair cycle, where both engines and weapon systems are shut down in order to quickly regenerate its hull. Given the Ravastra’s high speed, survivability and relatively low resource cost, it was also determined to be the most suited to striking deep into the enemy‘s fleet during combat in order to activate interference devices that restrict the use of antimatter.

The average size of a Ravastra Skirmisher's crew is 120.