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Colonizable Gravity Wells (CGWs)

Terran Planet

Main article: Terran Planet

Soase Terran.png Terran planets sport similar conditions to Earth, and that they have much water and visible photosynthetic flora. The readily habitable conditions, vast amount of available water, land masses, and natural resources means these planets have a large local population for you to exploit. The TEC favor these worlds, as they have research that adds +30% to the population. These planets tend to be the most heavily defended by militia.

Desert Planet

Main article: Desert Planet

Soase Desert Planet.jpg Dry and sandy, with little water, a Desert planet supports a fairly small population. Although they support less population than Terran planets, they have far more logistics slots than other worlds, making them good candidates for shipyards or research stations. The Advent favor these planets, having research that gives them +30% to their populations. Like the Terran worlds, they have two sub-types, a 'Home' and a generic version. Seemingly, the only difference is their appearances. They come second in amount of militia defending them after Terran planets.

Volcanic Planet

Main article: Volcanic Planet

Soase Volcanic Planet.jpg Very hot worlds with plenty of volcanic activity. Only the hardiest can survive this unbearable climate after the requisite research. Volcanic planets tend to have more Metal than other planet types. The Vasari favor these planets, having research that gives them +60% to their population, though it still comes nowhere near the population of Terran, Desert, and Ice worlds.

Ice Planet

Main article: Ice Planet

Soase Ice Planet.jpg Cold desolate worlds dotted with small thawed oases with liquid water, Ice planets can support a population with the appropriate research. Only a limited population can bear the climate. But it can be worth it, these planets tend to have more Crystal than other planet types.

Barren Planet

Main article: Barren Planet

Soase barren.png Barren planets support low populations, and have the most logistics slots of all planet types.

Ferrous Planet

Main article: Ferrous Planet

Soase ferrous.png A type of barren world that features a large number of metal asteroids, even more than volcanic planets. They need corresponding research to be colonized. Often they are defended by as much militia as terran or desert planets.

Greenhouse Planet

Main article: Greenhouse Planet

Soase greenhouse.png Greenhouse planets are blanketed in thick, dense atmospheres, causing the surface to overheat, but complicating bombardment as well.

Oceanic Planet

Main article: Oceanic Planet

Soase oceanic.png Humid worlds primarily covered in oceans dotted by just a few islands, these planets can house a far greater population than even Terran worlds.


Main article: Asteroid

Soase Asteroid.jpg Asteroids have plenty of resources nearby to be profitable and can support multiple defensive systems. It can also support minimal mining settlements. They are very commonly connected to a homeworld of the sentient races.

Dwarf Planet

Main article: Dwarf Planet

Soase Dwarf Planet.png Dwarf Planets are objects of little value except for mining purposes. However, their size allows it to support a much higher planet population than a mere asteroid. They are very commonly connected to a homeworld of the sentient races.

Dead Asteroid

Main article: Dead Asteroid

Soase Deadasteroid.png Dead Asteroids are asteroids that cannot be mined or support settlements and can only support orbital military installations. They are virtually useless and ignored by most races unless it is in a very strategic location.

Pirate Base

Main article: Pirate Base

Soase Pirate.jpg Pirate Bases are the logistical headquarters of the Pirate faction. From here they launch their raids against the Star System. They are heavily fortified and protected by a pirate force. They also provide a small amount of income to whoever has the Pirate Base under their control.

Ship Graveyard

Main article: Ship Graveyard

Soase Ship Graveyard.png Ship Graveyards act in the same way as Dead Asteroids: they have no population when colonized, have no logistic slots but can house some tactical structures. They are also prefered targets for open rebellions.

Uncolonizable Gravity Wells (UCGWs)

Usually have neutral resource extractors which can be captured by Advent and TEC colony frigates, the Missionary Vessel and Protev Colony Frigate, or Vasari scout frigates, the Jikara Navigator, using Capture Extractor.

Their extractors are special: They have a base extraction rate of 0.53 units/second, which effectively gives them an allegiance of 133%, higher than is otherwise ever possible, no matter how far they are from your homeworld. They will reflect any mining research bonuses, once captured.

They also have 4 refinery slots versus the 3 for colonizable planets' extractors, and these slots have a refinery extraction rate of 0.08 versus the 0.06 rate for extractors at colonizable grav wells (again with the "fixed allegiance" of 133%). The extra refinery slot and the higher rate cause them to output 0.32 units/second if fully utilized, regardless of distance from homeworld, versus 0.18 units/second for a planet at 100% allegiance - or versus 0.06/second for a planet at 35% allegiance!

Space Junk

Main article: Space Junk

Soase SpaceJunk.png
  • Well Size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: none
  • Special Effect: none

Gas Giant

Main article: Gas Giant

Soase GasGiant.png
  • Well Size: large
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: 2
  • Special Effect: chance of explosive gas causing area of effect damage in battle.

Asteroid Belt

Main article: Asteroid Belt

Soase AsteroidBelt.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: none
  • Special Effect: Erratic Debris: decreased accuracy for all units in the gravity well.

Plasma Storm

Main article: Plasma Storm

Soase PlasmaStorm.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: 2
  • Special Effect: strike craft are disabled.

Magnetic Cloud

Main article: Magnetic Cloud

Soase MagneticCloud.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0
  • Pirates: none
  • Special Effect: all special abilities are disabled; starbases cannot be deployed here.

Antimatter Fountain

Soase Antimatter Fountain.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors 0
  • Pirates: 4
  • Special Effect: antimatter regenerates at a much higher rate; antimatter is received from damage


Soase Comet.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: ?
  • Special Effect: maximum speed, acceleration, turn rate are reduced by 30%

Ice Field

Soase Ice Field.png
  • Well size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: ?
  • Special Effect: damage propagation is increased.

Radiation Storm

Soase Radiation Storm.png
  • Well Size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: 2
  • Special Effect: Antimatter removed (200); Antimatter, Shield, Hull restore rates lowered drastically; Strike Craft disabled.

Shattered Moon

Soase Shattered Moon.png
  • Well Size: small
  • Neutral Extractors: 0-3
  • Pirates: 3
  • Special Effect: Armor removed (3); Damage reduced by 15%