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Minor Factions is a feature added to Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion by the DLC of the same name. It adds a variety of small, single planet factions at the start of the game that can either be persuaded to join your Empire or be conquered. When a player allies with a minor faction, it will fight for them, give some of its income as tribute, and most importantly will grant the player access to several unique abilities.

Unlike regular militia, minor factions begin the game with their planets already upgraded and a decent self defense force. They will eventually rebuild any ships or structures that are destroyed at their planet.

Minor factions have a chance to spawn at most unowned colonizeable worlds at the start of the game. In general however they will not spawn too close to a player's homeworld. They can also be turned off completely in the game setup menu.

Allying with a Minor Faction

Players use Envoy Cruisers to get Minor Faction's to join their Empire. When an envoy cruiser uses its Goodwill ability on a neutral minor faction, the minor faction will join the owner's Empire. The Envoy must stay at the planet and constantly use the Goodwill ability to keep the Minor Faction friendly; the minor faction will revert to a neutral state if the envoy leaves or stops using the Goodwill ability. If another player has captured a minor faction, it's envoy cruiser must be destroyed, incapacitated, or forced to retreat to revert the minor faction to neutral, which will let a different player capture the Minor Faction with their own Envoy.

Conquering a Minor Faction

A neutral or enemy controlled Minor Faction can be conquered like any other world. If a minor faction world is completed bombed out, the minor faction at that world is permanently removed from the game and its unique abilities will no longer be available for any player.

List of Minor Factions

Name Design Name Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Notes
Danoba Free Miners TechMiners Buy Bulk Metal Buy Bulk Crystal
Grost Scrappers Union TechScrappers Scrap For Parts Retrofitted Armor Repair Ships Buy Metal
Renzo's Resistance Fighters TechSiegeRaiders Launch Offensive Raid Launch Siege Raid Contraband Munitions Sell Crystal
Yannock Ordnance Specialists TechDemolitionists Launch Demolition Raid Penetrating Warheads
Naibor Liberation Front TechXenophobes Xeno Assault Raid Xeno Assault Raid Isolationist Propaganda Sell Metal This minor faction has two Xeno Assault Raids with their separate cooldowns, so they can attack 2 non-TEC factions at once.
Eivonn's Fine Frigates TechUsedFrigates Used Flak Frigates Used Heavy Cruisers Used Ranged Frigates Despite being a nominally TEC Minor Faction, ships from all three races are purchased if you use its abilities.
Pranast United TechDefensive Repair Ships Launch Defensive Raid
Alutar Enclave PsiPacifists Clairvoyance Vigor of the Alutar Shroud of the Alutar Allows you to purchase antimatter and shield regeneration bonuses for your ships and spy on enemies.
Free Minds of Hobari PsiCulture Launch Support Raid Sell Crystal
Nilari Cultists PsiDoomCult Relentless Evangelists Compelled Pilgrimage Euphoric Sacrifice Spawns fanatics to harass random enemy worlds, steals enemy population, and a mini Wail of the Sacrificed (kills population to damage enemies).
Laesinda Dominion PsiSiegeRaiders Launch Offensive Raid Launch Siege Raid
Viturak Transport Cabal PhaseTransporters Remote Attack Raid Jump Field Stabilizers Buy Antorak Marauder
Jiskun Expeditionary Force PhaseExpedition Scouting Report Colonial Supplies Dispatch Scouting Party Tachyon Boosters
Korvaska War Profiteers PhaseArmsDealers Kinetic Amplifiers Precision Warheads Sell Metal
Arankul Mercenaries DefaultPhase Launch Offensive Raid Launch Defensive Raid Sell Metal