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TEC Tech Tree: Civilian

Tech level: 7

Prerequisites: Cultural Monopolization

Once researched, Insurgency will randomly spawn Rebels at an enemy planet, at any time, making Insurgency useful for keeping your enemy preoccupied, or being forced to use valuable resources for planetary defense, although they attack mostly at random they usually prefer a planet deep in your space with sparse defenses and defenders, rebels will usually cooperate with pirates if both raid the same planet. Once Rebels spawn, they will begin to attack any and all objects in the gravity well (and, if a Krosov siege frigate spawns, this also means the planet), including ships, structures, and mineral asteroids. Like pirates Rebels will primarily target trade and refinery ships. Raiding parties will (at most) have Garda Flak frigates, Javelis LRM frigates, Cobalt Light frigates and Kodiak heavy cruisers, but they do not have support, capital or colony ships. The ultimate goal of the rebels is to destroy all of the empires besides you, unless another TEC player researches them, then they will have no scruples about killing you too. Rebels will not attack those who have a peace treaty with the player who researched them.


  • Even ships owned by the player whose research created the Rebels are considered targets, and will be attacked.
  • Rebels will not leave the gravity well once everything has been destroyed.
  • Rebels will not spawn at pirate bases.
  • Rebels will not spawn in the gravity well of an allied planet/ asteroid/ etc.
  • Rebels will not discuss terms of peace with you.
  • Rebels can be accidentally detected before they attack, as they are manifested as a group of ships performing an interstellar phase jump directly to their target, not unlike Pirates spawning at their base.