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The Defense Tree is the defense research tree for the TEC.

Quick Gauss Capacitors, Hangar Defense, Highly Conductive Rails, and Phase Jump Inhibitor were originally from the Military Tree and Planetary Shields and Superior Planet Shields were originally from the Civilian Tree.


Name Military Labs Prerequisites Effect Cost
Quick Gauss Capacitors 1   Gauss platform fire rate +5/10/15% 400/0/25
Hangar Defense 1   Unlocks Hangar Defense 400/0/25
Hangar Flak Turrets 2 Hangar Defense Unlocks Flak Turrets for Hangar Defense 600/50/100
Proximity Mines 2   Unlocks Proximity Mines 600/50/100
Highly Conductive Rails 3 Quick Gauss Capacitors Gauss Defense range +12% 800/100/175
Raloz Prototype 3   Unlocks Raloz Heavy Constructor 800/100/175
Deep Space Trade 3 Raloz Prototype, Orbital Commerce (Civilian Tree, Industry) Unlocks Trade Facilities 400/50/85
Burst Rockets 4 Quick Guass Capacitors Unlocks Burst Rockets for Gauss Defense Platform 1000/150/250
Phase Jump Disruption 4   Unlocks Phase Jump Inhibitor 1000/150/250
Auxiliary Government 4 Raloz Prototype Unlocks Auxiliary Government 1000/150/250
Remote Construction 4 Raloz Prototype Unlocks Construction Bays 1000/150/250
Planetary Shields 5   Unlocks Shield Generator 1200/200/325
Docking Booms 5   Unlocks Docking Booms 1200/200/325
Safety Override Protocol 5   Unlocks Safety Override Protocol 1200/200/325
Meson Bolt Cannon 6   Unlocks Meson Bolt Cannon for Gauss Defense Platform 1400/250/400
Unbreachable Hull 6   Starbase Hull points +10%/20%, Armor increase 2/4 1400/250/400
Improved Destabilization 6   Increases damage taken by hostiles phase jumping away from starbase 1400/250/400
Superior Planet Shields 7 Planetary Shields Improves planet shield mitigation 1600/300/475
Advanced Fire Control 7   Starbase gains 1 weapon bank, damage +10% 1600/300/475