Cobalt Light Frigate

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Cobalt Light Frigate
Cost: Template:IconCredits300 Template:IconMetal55
Build time: 24 seconds
Uses: 5 supply
Hull: 635
Uses: 1
Armor: 2
Armor type: Medium
Shield: 370
Regen: 1
Antimatter: 200
Recharge: 0.5
Experience: 40
Anti Heavy:Range:3500

Banks: 1/0/0/0

Strong vs. antifighter frigates, siege frigates, carrier cruisers and utility cruisers.
A workhorse combat frigate that can be upgraded to efficiently defeat other ships with abilities.

The workhorse of the TEC fleet, the Cobalt combines speed with an average weapons‘ package. Cobalts are best deployed in groups and packs of upgraded Cobalts are extremely effective at hunting down antimatter-dependant units. As they are typically manned by the TEC‘s newest recruits, fleet commanders are well advised to keep them on a tight leash lest they charge into battle prematurely.