Clean-up the Scene

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1) Freeze the model.


2) Freeze the mesh’s transform values. This is done so that the mesh does not end up being offset from all the meshpoints in-game. To do this, under the “Transform” Panel, go Transform > Freeze All Transforms. This should change all the Scalingvalues to 1 and all the Rotation and Translation values to 0, if they weren’t already at those values.


3) Cleaning up unused materials:
a) Press 8 to open up the Explorer.
b) Press M to switch to Materials view.
c) Select and delete (using the Delete key) any materials that you do not need. A “<Not used>” indicator refers to unwanted materials but if you are not sure, select the material and Press 7 to call up the Render Tree to help you decide whether it should  be  deleted  or  not,  and  whether  you  need  to  switch materials around (to apply a different material to the mesh, just  drag  that  material  from  Explorer,  onto  the  mesh  in  the viewport).

Note: When you are done, there shouldn’t be any unused materials, as these are going to be exported into the *.mesh file, needlessly bloating its file size.


4) Cleaning-up unused textures and texture clips:

a) Press 3 to switch to the Render Tool Bar
b) under the “Get” section, go Clip > Delete Unused Image Sources and Clips.
c) In the Explorer, Press O to switch to Sources view. Expand the Sources > Images folder and delete any unwanted texture references.
d) Expand the Clips >Images folder and delete any unused image clips. Image clips are just texture instances.

Note:  Any “noIcon_pic” clips/images are integrated  into  XSI and cannot actually be deleted.


5) Cleaning-up the Scene_Root. Go to the Scene_Root in Explorer and delete any extraneous objects from your scene. Nothing under the Scene_Root except:

  • the camera (XSI requires that you have at least one camera object)
  • the model’s mesh
  • the rootpoint null
  • and all the meshpoints nulls under the rootpoint