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Titans are a new type of ship added in the upcoming stand-alone expansion pack Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. These monsters dwarf Capital Ships in size and armament, and are capable of wiping out entire fleets on their own. Not much else is known about these new behemoths. They are theoretically a late game vessel; though, at the cost of economy and fleet diversity it is possible to field them in the early-mid game.

The titans embody the strengths and weaknesses of their factions. The TEC Titans are big utilitarian weapon platforms and made for frontline combat and either sport huge firepower or considerable survivability. The Advent Titans are massive and elegant space idols loaded with powerful situational abilities which greatly increase the threat of Advent fleets. The utility of the Advent Titan's make up for their diminished survivability. The Vasari Titans have not been reveled in their final state yet, but appear to lend themselves to powerful all in late game conquest strategies.


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