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Artifacts are technology improvements that cannot be researched. They are found randomly on planets via the "Explore Planet" planetary improvement.

  • Unlike discovered planetary resources such as "Skilled Miners" which only affect objects within the current gravity well, the player that owns the planet that an artifact is resident on receives the benefit automatically for every vessel or unit in their entire empire. If another player conquers that planet, the original player who found the artifact loses the benefit; however, the conquering player only gains the benefit when they invest in Explore Planet themselves, despite "knowing" the artifact is present.
  • When an artifact is discovered, every player in the game gets an alert (same as when a super-weapon is built/fired) and the planet is specially marked on the Galaxy Map. All players can see which explored planets have discovered artifacts on them, but the exact type of artifact is unknown to all but the player who currently controls it.

The Original version of Sins of a Solar Empire originally has the following nine artifacts:

  Kinetic Intensifier Relativistic Factories Resilient Metalloids
Artifact KineticIntensifier.png
Artifact RelativisticFactories.png
Artifact ResilientMetalloids.png

Damage increased 12%

Ship Build Rate increased 25% Hull Repair Rate increased 15%
Affected All ships/structures with weapons Frigate Factory; Capital Ship Factory;Hangar Defenses All ships/structures

Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment adds the following three artifacts:

Ion Field Generator Matter Compressor Planetary Organic AI
Artifact IonFieldGenerator.png
Artifact MatterCompressor.png
Artifact PlanetaryOrganicAI.png
Effect Planet Bombing Damage reduced 20% Trade Goods Value increased 15% Tax Income Rate increased 10%+Population Growth Rate increased 20%
Affected All colonized planets All trade ships (NOT Refinery Ships)

All colonized planets

Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy improved all artifacts to the following stats:

Planetary Organic AI: 25% tax rate increase, 40% growth rate increase
Matter Compressor: 25% trade goods value increase
Ion Field Generator: -40% bombing damage taken, 25% survival rate increase
Phase Accelerator: 50% faster in-system phase jump speed, 25% faster charge-up rate
Data Archive: -25% research cost, 5% faster research
Jump Field Generator: -50% antimatter lost in transit
Power Core Relic: 15% faster antimatter regeneration, 10% max antimatter increase
Jump Drive Relic: 50% faster jump speed between stars, 10% mass decrease
Manifest Dominion: 30% faster culture spread, 20% more resistant culture, 1.00 relationship bonus
Resilient Metaloids: 50% faster hull repair, 1.0 armor increase
Kinetic Intensifier: 15% damage increase, 10% range increase
Relativistic Factories: 30% faster ship and structure build rates